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Car freshener- Truck/Volcano

$ 8

Volcano: Sugared oranges, limes and lemons and tropical fruits with a hint of exotic mountain greens.


One of our Best Sellers.

You can use our Air Fresheners in Cars, Lockers, Bathrooms, or any small space. Our scents will last 4-6 weeks (lighter scents last around 4 weeks and stronger scents last around 6 weeks). We have customers tell us all the time that theirs lasted 6+ months! The scents come out the best in warmer temperatures. Please do not lay on the dash and use caution when using them in the extremely hot months. 90+ degree temperatures means the inside of your car can get up to 200 degrees or more. During this time of year- please crack a window or park in the shade.

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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