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  • Car Freshies Air freshener- Mason Jar/ Butt Naked

Classy Cowgirl Co.

Car Freshies Air freshener- Mason Jar/ Butt Naked

$ 8.00


Mason Jar- Butt Naked

Butt Naked

Mix of bananas, pineapple, coconut milk, strawberry, cherry, melon, peach, and vanilla 

One of our Best Sellers.

You can use our Air Fresheners in Cars, Lockers, Bathrooms, or any small space. Our scents will last 4-6 weeks (lighter scents last around 4 weeks and stronger scents last around 6 weeks). We have customers tell us all the time that theirs lasted 6+ months! The scents come out the best in warmer temperatures. Please do not lay on the dash and use caution when using them in the extremely hot months. 90+ degree temperatures means the inside of your car can get up to 200 degrees or more. During this time of year- please crack a window or park in the shade.

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